Wheatland Mutual has been providing insurance coverage for individuals in Clinton, Jones, Jackson, Cedar and Clinton Counties in Iowa since June 5, 1873.  Since 1873 several changes have taken place which includes the company changing its name from German Mutual to splitting its coverage between what was known as Farmers Mutual and American Mutual in the 1920’s and then to Wheatland Mutual January 1, 1965.  We are known as County Mutual which is why we are limited to the counties we can write in.  Our Liability insurance is still provided by Grinnell today just as it was in 1965.

Coverages available today include but not limited to; in town homes, farms and all of the farming operation components (home, buildings, livestock, and machinery), renter’s insurance and liability coverage to suite all needs.

We currently offer a wide range of payment plans and deductibles that is designed to meet your needs and budget.  Discounts are available based on requirements being met.

Here at Wheatland Mutual we are one of the few companies left that will come and meet directly with you and help set up a policy to meet your needs.  We understand one policy does not fit everyone.  We encourage our customers to call with questions so that you may understand your coverage to the fullest and can make changes as needed.

For those who are policy holders the annual meeting is held the 1st Monday after the 1st Tuesday in March (usually the 8th-13th of the month) at approx. 10 a.m. with lunch following.